Friday, January 9, 2009

what a cool dress

Speaking of horses, have you all read Aryn Kyle's The God of Animals? It is a great read, and contains a mini amalgam of my life, a family from Berkeley, an astronomy professor, and of course HORSES!

Well, goodbye to 2008 - a year of many changes, upheavals, and twists and turns for me.

For the first time in my life, I didn't make any resolutions, since the biggest lesson 2008 taught me was sometimes things change quicker and more drastically than you can imagine. Of course, our economy is probably the most obvious example of this, but for me, what I'm scratching my head over, is my style! Not even a year ago, I could have been the spokesgirl for Anthropologie, now I worship all things Japanese and avant-garde - whatever that word means anymore. In any case, black's the word in my wardrobe these days.

I wonder if that's some unconscious response to the economy since black is the one unassailable timeless color of fashion. Because for all the "new" blacks out there, there's only one true black and that is black. And black is always in style, except on Nantucket.

Anyhoo, back to resolutions. D and I made a sort of unofficial resolution to walk everyday, no matter how short or what the weather. So far, so good. I think my favorite place so far to walk is Pt. Isabel, due to the enormous quantities of dogs that can always be found frolicing about. However, the wind is just as frolicky, and nowhere near as warm and fuzzy. Bundle up.

We also wandered around a nice cemetery in Oakland, I believe it is called the Mountain View, which reminds me of Poland. To wander around looking at the head stones, taking in the views, and the other visitors imbues one with a not-unpleasant sense of gravity and respect for the land and for other people. If you are wondering about your existance or your place in the world, do go wander about a big, beautiful cemetery. It is like chiropratics for the soul, at the end, everything is more settled and aligned.

{dress by Mika Machida}


Elzbieta said...

I read this with pleasure sprinkled with some tears.You will understand. I feel the same,I adore to watch frolicking dogs, and I do love old,beautiful cemeteries.Please, check for me the presence of any angels there. You will know why.I like the way you approach the changes and new challenges. Wishing you all the best, always,


Janice Lois said...

Wow!! What a cool design of this dress!!